Custom Packaging Automation

Aylward’s Custom Packaging Automation Department uses proprietary feeding and filling technologies to design and manufacture custom solid dose packaging equipment. Examples of recent projects include:

  1. Custom Transfer System to carry finished blisters from a blister machine to a thermo former cartoner at high speed.

  2. Complete Index Blister Feed System with special die cut pattern to cut out whole matrix/index at one time versus a single blister card. Design included a unique seal-registration system.

  3. Special feed system to insert lollipop-type stick into hard candy pain medication ensuring hole always faced the same direction to allow for stick to be inserted at the correct and consistent pressure. The system incorporated a custom FDA glue system, printer for the logo, and a vision system for optical character verification.

  4. Custom Ampoule Transfer System for a blister machine to accumulate product using an integrated adept robot system.

  5. Custom Encapsulation Machine incorporating a specialized feed system to insert up to 5 tablets into single capsule.

  6. Specialized Pouch Feed System to verify correct count inside the tube before tablet is inserted into pouch.

  7. Custom Tube Packaging Unit to insert triangular-shaped tablet into a round vile. System included a Compact Feed System and robotic pick and place unit.